System Owners

Monitoring your investment

The Active Array solar panel has monitoring technology integrated into each panel. This means that real time data can be used to assess the performance of any single panel. This information can be displayed on any device from your smart phone to a desktop PC. See here for an example of the Active Array portal

The information gathered by each module also serves as a method to identify problems with the whole solar system on your roof such as –

  • Fallen debris (wet leaves, bird muck, branches)
  • Performance of panels when shaded (and impact on other panels as a result)
  • Degradation rates of each panel (are some degrading faster than others?)

Solar photovoltaic panels are very reliable and have been made and installed for many decades around the world but most monitoring systems only tell you how each set (or ‘string’) of modules is performing. If one panel has blown electronics in the junction box it will not perform to its best abilities and this will affect the overall financial equation of your solar panel investment.

Having the information at your fingertips gives you the power to manage your system effectively.