High quality crystalline technology with wireless per-panel monitoring

Active Array modules use high quality crystalline technology with wireless per-panel monitoring. The modules are IEC and MCS certified and are built in factories that conform to IEC61215 standards. Best quality components and British designed electronics and software are incorporated directly within the junction box of each module (with no additional wiring or non-standard components required). RF communications and transient voltage protection add further benefits to the system operator or owner.

Active Array modules come with an industry standard 25 year power output warranty and a 10 year product guarantee

Each module sends performance data (voltage, temperature, power) every minute to the cloud based servers. The data can be displayed via the Active Array web portal onto any device with a web browser. 

The PV modules’ electronics are protected from voltage spikes and from hot-plugging. The instrument quality RF monitoring system also detects other harder to spot issues such as -

  • By-Pass Diode failure - very hard to identify within a string of modules
  • Hot-Spot failure – occurs when one low current cell interacts with shaded cells
  • Cell degradation rate – without single module data, very hard to detect