Active Array solar photovoltaic modules

British designed electronics and software

How it works

Active Array solar photovoltaic modules

High quality silicon

How it works

Active Array solar photovoltaic modules

With integrated monitoring

How it works

The Active Array process

Diagram 1
Powerful photovoltaic modules gather energy and send production levels wirelessly to a combiner
Diagram 2
The combiner tracks performance and provides it as an always-accessible online portal
Diagram 3

By using Active Array solar photovoltaic crystalline modules, your solar array will be monitored per module and in real-time. Thus making sure that your solar photovoltaic installation is performing to its maximum output throughout its life.


For installers

From the manufacturing production line to the installation, the data supplied from each module gives you the confidence that they will perform to the customer’s satisfaction and expectation.

The constant monitoring allows you to continually confirm the module performance and therefore the investment return of your customers’ solar array.


For home users and consumers

Your investment should be constantly monitored to maximise its financial return. By specifying ActiveArray modules, you are able to identify each module and to see in real time how it performs compared to the other modules in your solar array.

For the life of the product, via a web based portal, data is available to assess climatic and power performance. The system is capable of sending you alerts by SMS or email to inform you of any performance issues.